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Man Sadly Reveals How He Found Out That His Elder Brother Has Been Having Intimacy With His Child

A 43-year-old man who didn't disclose his identity for some reason in an interview on Na Menim Program tells how he found out that his elder brother has been having intimacy with his daughter months ago. According to the man he is from a family of three and he is the second child of his parents.

They all lived happily and unity with their mother before he traveled out of the country at age 23. When he came back to Ghana he managed to build a house and they all went to stay together and provided everything his elder brother and mother needs including their daily meals.The man said he gave birth with his ex-girlfriend before he got married to his current wife.

Few months ago, he noticed some changes in his daughter's behavior, she used to panic when she come across him, also the young girl started losing weight and lost appetite whilst she is not sick. He confronted her about what is bothering her but she didn't utter a word to him. "

One evening, my wife came to me in tears and she revealed to me that my elder brother has been sleeping with my daughter for some time now. I started trembling when I got this information from my wife, I cried the whole night and never expected that my own brother could commit such an abominable act" the man said.

The following morning he asked his daughter to tell him the truth about what his brother had been doing to her. The child too confirms that it is true that his uncle has been having intimacy with her. The man claims he got annoyed and even planned to get him arrested or kill him.

He was not able to break this sad news to his mother because of the love she has for his elder brother. He then revealed everything to his auntie who later informed his mother about it. His brother ran away from home when the whole family came to know about his bad act.

The man stated that it was his family members who advised him and also calm him down till he forgave his elder brother. A month passed before his brother was able to come home and admitted that he slept with his nephew. The man concluded that he became furious and slapped him but he pleaded for forgiveness.

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