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Divorce Affair

For Infidelity, A Man Chopped Off His Wife's Hands.

A woman whose hands were cut off by her husband because she was barren is now carrying a baby by another man

A Kenyan woman by name Jackline Mwende, who made many news headlines last year after her 34 year old lovely husband being Stephen Ngila, who reportedly cut off her hands because she was barren and unable to conceive, is now pregnant for another man.

On July 18, 2016, Ngila allegedly assaulted his wife after accusing her of failing to conceive a child. After that, the couple married for seven years without having a child. According to records, Ngila was the one who had untreatable birth defects.

Mwende, has made headlines again following events in her hometown of Masii, Machakos district last weekend.

Mwende confessed to cheating on her husband and a close friend after she left him, and the vicious assault occurred three days after she found out she was pregnant, according to Nairobi News.

" The father of my unborn child had seen me the day before. I didn't want to carry him to my wedding room, so we were searching for a place to stay in Machakos. It was Saturday, July 23, and I had returned home after spending some time with him.

My husband had left three months before, and I was living on my own. Ngila assaulted me with a machete on the 24th, prompting doctors to amputate both of my hands, " Mwende said.

She also claimed that she did not regret her relationship because she chose it because she wished to have a child.

Nwende, 28, was deported to South Korea on September 26, 2016, after the violent assault, where he received Myoelectric Prosthetics.

On February 21, the fortunate mother discovered a four-bedroom house and a large supermarket in collaboration with a multinational corporation, which was full of members of parliament.

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