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Here is What People on Facebook are Saying About this Couple - Could this Be Love

There is this conditioning love relationship between white and black couples. This gets more controversial when the white man or woman is in his or her old age.

The notion behind such criticism is that the young person is probable after the old white man or woman's money. So whenever people see an old white woman with a young black boy they say he is after her money

Same is said if he is a woman. There is this post which enunciates the above notion and perception. A lady on Facebook posted a loved up picture of an old man and a young lady and made a very sweet caption.

She said that, love is such a beautiful thing. When people saw this, they went over the comment section and made a whole lot of negative and pessimistic comments about the loved up pictures.

Most of the people who commented said she is after his money. Below are some of the comments people made about the post.

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