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You Are Doomed If Your Partner Sneaks Into Your Phones- Nigel Gaisie

The Founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has cautioned the youth to refrain from relationships where their partners tend to be unsecured and obsessively inquisitive over personal matters before they get married. According to him such relationships are disastrous and could ruin the lives of those accused of infidelity.


Nigel Gaisie remarked that some young partners who are yet to marry suffer a lot of insecurity in their relationships, adding that any doubt one has about the other is simply a disease that must be cured. He explained that lessons from other failed relationships suggest that no one must gamble with issues bothering on insecurity and needless inquisition before marriage.


He believed that the early signals about this phenomenon must be checked during courtship lest it could degenerate into a worse situation that would cost the relationship.


Nigel Gaisie indicated that some young men and women tend to sneak into their partner's phones hoping to uncover some information to confirm or otherwise their suspicion about their partners. He mentioned that many had gone to an extent of waking up late into the night when the other partner is asleep to peep through the activities undertaken by the phones.


He remarked that such behaviours are unreasonable and retrogressive. The Prophet added that any partner who is caught in the act must be discarded, adding that it would do more good to leave such relationships before it's too late.


"This lady you've not married her and she is going through your phone is a disaster. It is medieval, unprogressive for the modern man or woman to enter into the phone of the yet-to-be husband of the wife.


"When you marry him or her, and when you sleep, he or she will enter into your intestines and check what you did outside. If you don't trust him or her, don't give him or her the equity of your future," he reiterated.


He emphasized that his observations are true and must be taken seriously or better as a piece of advice to any young man or woman who is about commuting into a marriage with such situations.

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