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RelationshipAdvice: I'm Struggling to get over a friendship Breakup.

I decided to sever a friendship a year and a half ago. She (F21) was one of my best friends for 10 years and our friendship turned sour. She turned out to be a narcissist that hated on everything I did, made me feel bad about myself and hated my significant other. I cut her off about a year and half ago but I’m not sure why my mind blocked her out and was happy with my decision (never thought of her) until a couple months ago where all of a sudden I started to get reoccurring dreams of her apologizing, changing her actions. I started to also just think about her all the time in anger. I reached out thinking maybe it was me that needed some MORE closure, and I regret that because it just turned into a passive aggressive mean fight where she attacked me again, stating I was the bad guy all along and I should feel guilty for what I’ve done to her (which was nothing). With our friendship breakup she took my entire group of friends so I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. Basically all I’m asking is how do I heal from this? I can’t keep having dreams that we make up, it messes with me whenever I wake up. I need techniques and advice to get over this because it’s getting worse.

TLDR: Need advice on how to get over a friendship breakup. My mental state is getting worse even though I cut her off a year and a half ago for being an awful friend.

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