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Four Types Of Side Chicks Controlling The Rich Men

We are in a world where each and everyone has what makes him or her happy or sad. That humanity has different choices, things that saddened someone makes another person happy. And it is so in the land of love and relationships. Whilst some people are working hard to get wives and husbands, others are doing their best for the position of side chicks.

And this brings the topic of my article today which is about the four types of side chicks controlling the rich men. In our part of the world some women think living with a man as a husband is a whole lot of work.

So they have decided to get happy with rich and affluent men who are married since the responsibility wouldn't be much like dating an unmarried man. 

And these are the women or girls who are called side chicks. I have divided them into four different types according to their doings in the relationships.

The first type of the side chicks are the big girl side chick. They are very beautiful, sexy and always look good outside just to attract their men. They make sure they treat their men well having fun with them and giving them amazing sex experience with the main aim of getting material things from them. 

They request from their married men boyfriends cars, mansions and trips abroad and that is all they need to be happy as a big girl.

The other type of side chick is the substandard side chick. Their main focus of being a side chick is to get pregnant for their rich married men boyfriends. Their main agenda is to get bigger income and child support from these men by using the child or children to pin them down.

Also the other type of side chick are those I call the unsteady side chick. They are those who will tell you they are dating the married man because she never knew he was married. 

Or the man told her he is separated from the wife and will marry her when they are finally divorced. They are always with their men in classy hotels and never been to the home of such men before. And sometimes don't even know where the men live in general.

The final type of side chick are those I call the craving side chick. They are those who are dating rich men with the main aim of plotting against them just to get followers on social media.

The craving side chick doesn't set any rules for herself in her relationship life. 

They save all the text messages, evidence and recordings of phone calls, video calls ready to tell the world whatever happened between you when things fall apart.

These are the four side chicks ruling in our world. 

Thank you very much for reading. Please comment, share and follow me for more lovely articles.

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