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After This Man Said He Needs A Girlfriend On Facebook, See What People Told Him (Photos)

If they say the world is what it is, that's the real definition; I mean, years ago, when you asked a woman what attracted her to a man, you would hear something like a bunch of 6 people, pretty faces, big bodies, etc. But now everything seems to have changed. Look what most people say when this guy asks for love on Facebook.


One young man on Facebook wanted to use the popular adage, "Use what you need to get what you want." So he decided to share some pictures of himself to catch the attention of the girls.

He wrote "I need a girl", stretched his muscles, thinking that a beautiful woman would come for him.

Meanwhile, there were mixed reactions after he shared the post. Many argue that life is not just about having big muscles. They also advised him to focus on his life and career. While other parts are afraid of her body, they make funny comments that she is going to kill someone's daughter with her weight.


Here are some reactions

As I mentioned earlier, women today don't care whether you have a charming face or six pack abs. You just need someone who is responsible, rich, and hardworking. Always be yourself and don't think about what other people say about you. Work hard, be strong, and pray. Everything will be alright.

See more photos of the young man.

What do you think about the trick this young man is trying to use? Let us think about it. Post your comments in the space provided below.

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