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8 Feminine Things That Men Secretly Love

1. gossip

Every once in a while, everyone likes a good story. And don't discount men this fact. Men also want to hear the gossip they deserve.


2. Shopping

Who doesn't like shopping? The idea that only women like shopping is absurd. Many buyers want to go to the mall and indulge in their favourite clothes and toys. Boys like shopping as much as women do. It’s just that the way boys shop may be more efficient, so they don’t spend too much time doing this. [Read: 10 things women do to keep men away]


3. Care

Everyone wants to experience good care from time to time, not just women. If a man wants to get a massage, go to the spa, get a facial, take a bubble bath, or whatever, then he should not feel judged or castrated for doing so. Any decent man should always receive real good care.

4. Facial care

Facial care is not necessarily a leisure activity that should be provided for women. Facial care should be part of the daily routine of any responsible and self-care adult.


For people who want to put more effort into taking care of their faces, this is just good hygiene practice. After all, when people see each other, most of them first notice the other's face. It is correct for a man to also want to use his skincare products. So, don't judge a man wearing a mask.

5. Fruity cocktails

Who doesn't like fruity cocktails? They give you a nice alcoholic buzz and, at the same time, give you the sweet indulgence of fruits, and so on.

When small pieces of fruit and small umbrellas are attached to the cup, they look really good. Boys should not be afraid to go to the bar and order a cocktail for themselves. They don't have to order whiskey and beer all the time.

6. Watching a movie and crying

Every man should cry once from time to time. This should not be a problem. Men should even cry because of a romantic movie or a sad song.


We should all get rid of the shame of this crying boy. As long as he doesn't hurt others, he should be able to express his emotions in any way. Crying is a perfectly acceptable response to emotional conditions.


7. Sing in the shower

Usually, you would imagine a woman singing in the shower, which is why it takes a long time for her to get ready before going out.


But this is not always the case. Men may also like to indulge in some music bars in the shower. Many men like to use heavy shampoo while secretly humming songs, and even like to hum their favourite tunes.

8. Hug

You may think that men do not like hugs. Many people just assume that men are only interested in having sex and then leave as soon as possible. But this is not always the case.

Many men want to hug their women. This is especially true for the women they love. A man will always secretly like to feel the warmth of a loving hug from his partner.


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