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"Painful" - My Boyfriend Boldly Told Me He Is Dating Another Woman But Loves Me More Than Her

Life indeed can be terrible if you are laughing at the wrong side of your mouth. I've been through enough emotional pains and I don't know what to do at the moment. I feel my life has really come to an end. My name is Christine and I'm dating this handsome guy about four years ago. He is very cute and has all it takes to be a marriage material. I didn't hesitate to accept his proposal since I've spotted him for a while. He dies everything for me and can even go the extent of sacrificing something precious just to make me happy.

We have decided to marry and he has gone to see my parents and has done everything necessary to make me his wife. Well, I must say I do love him. About eight months ago, I caught him cheating with a woman who is old enough to be his mother. I confronted him and he assure me of they been just friends. That's has made me lost complete trust in him. I sometimes do fear to go out with him since I might be beaten by some of his many girlfriends he has in town.

Just some few days, I confronted him if he is still cheating on me and he boldly told said "yes" he is cheating. He claims to be dating a woman about six months ago and that has completely broken me down. I don't want him to continue with the marriage rite since I do t find him faithful. He told me he loves me more than the woman she is dating currently and I don't see any light in it.

Does he truly loves and wants to marry me or he is just wasting my time with other women. The only thought that comes to kind is to kill myself since I feel cheated by the one I wholly gave my heart and willing to marry him for life.

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