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Stephanie assures of first time Date rush wedding; Is she really falling in love?

It is another beautiful Sunday and as usual, one of the most watched reality show in Ghana Date Rush is making waves on the our screens and social media. Today's edition happens to be 'Date Rush Reunion' where most of the ladies and the men who had a date on the show will come and tell how the relationship is going. After several weeks of drama, heartbreaks, disappointments and misunderstandings, they have to come and share their experience aftermath the show.

One of the person who kept long on the show for constantly switching off her rush. Sometimes too her rush is put off because of her controversies. In one of the episodes, he literally cried on the show after a man rejected her. She was really into him so after her rush was put off, she cried uncontrollably cried until she was consoled to come back to normal.

Everything went on well for Stephanie as he finally got a date to suit her. Stephanie put her rush on for Henry as both settled on themselves.After getting a date, they have to present themselves during the re-union to share their experience on how their relationship is going. According to Stephanie she is really happy in the relationship with Henry and she is rest assured that things will work. Who knows, there is going to be the first date rush wedding so people should expect it. Is it infatuation or Stephanie is really in love?

Stephanie made it clear that, there is nothing wrong in their relationship after they started dating. She said the only issue is that he is very busy with his work but with that, he is okay. She reiterated that, Henry has been very supportive and he is the kind of guy she likes and wish to marry. There is going to be a first time date rush wedding so we are keeping our fingers crossed to wait for that beautiful moment.

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