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Divorce Affair

Opinion: 3 Relationship Problems Or Issues And How You Can Resolve Them Successfully.

A relationship without problems doesn't even exist. So far as the two people are from different family backgrounds with different upbringing, they will surely disagree on certain issues. It is how the parties resolve the issues that will tell whether the relationship will last or not.

There are people who part ways because of the least issues which can be easily managed by other individuals. Sometimes, pride, unwillingness to let go and foolishness are what actually destroys a good relationship. Some people think they're very educated but behave foolishly sometimes.

They employ the dysfunctional theories they've committed into memory, inside their relationships. These are some of the issues in relationships and how you can resolve them.

Financial problems. In our society, it is an age old 'law's that a man must have the sole responsibility of taking care of a woman. This has become the walking stick of many women that immediately they enter a relationship, the man becomes a beast of burden.

Even common toothpick, it is the man's duty to provide it. But things have changed; relationships are now mutual agreement and everyone has an equal responsibility as far as money is concerned.

When the man has money, he has to supply what he and the lady needs. The same goes to the women; they should equally foot the bills when the man is financially unstable. Women should not always be at the receiving end of the relationship. There should be equal benefit and responsibility.

Another issue that can arise in the relationship is misunderstandings. Even twins disagree how much more two people from different worlds! When problems arise, the two people must show maturity in the resolutions.

Carrying pride and a very offensive ego in a relationship will not build it. If each of the parties in the relationship are unforgiving, the relationship will not see the break of dawn. As a man, always swallow your pride and throw in the towel to let peace reign. It is not always easy but you will not regret trying it. This doesn't mean you should not let your own point of view known to her.

Another great problem in relationships now is infidelity. Infidelity is infidelity; either marital or whatever. People are so addicted to cheating that they always cheat in the new relationship and the cycle continues.

Ladies consider cheating as a way of being smart. Some of them do so for no apparent reason; they just want to explore. Men cheat because they think it is manly to do so. The fact is, there's is no smartness or manliness in cheating.

What will you do if your partner start cheating? Are you going to resolve it? The relationship mostly comes to an end when it is the women who are culprits. In our societies, a woman is not supposed to have extra marital affairs. In the case of men, nobody makes a fuss about that. It is advisable to break up when the lady starts cheating.

How are you going to cope with a lady who is cheating when you finally get married. Old habits are not easily discarded. As for men, they should be advised to see the negative sides of cheating. Society doesn't make any noise when a man starts cheating. But the choice is for the partners to make. You can decide to overlook a cheating wife.

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