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"Lighten Up The Fire Of Romance" - 3 Simple Tricks To Unlock Her Legs

Lightening the fire of romance is a trait that is seen in most Alpha Males. Women love men who are good at playing the cards of seduction. It saddens when you see a guy blow up his chances by simply putting up a behavior that is not associative. Women find it incredibly difficult to stay away from guys who can blend the game of love with romance and a sense of belonging. Women value guy who have a good sense of humor and are socially intelligent.

They are very sensitive to social awareness that has to do with they been accepted or rejected at a particular place. I've used some seductive technique to arouse the feeling of a woman and I know you would be able to arouse her feelings if you apply the principle of understanding women.

1. Tease Them

If you want to lighten up the desire in a woman, then you have to master the art of teasing women. Just do that in a professional way and not to bore her to the core. If you know she is not comfortable with what you are doing, please stop. It is also a good way to initiate an interesting conversation. Try to frame it some jokes anytime you're with her. Let your sense of humor be a major attraction that she can't leave you.

2. Learn To Talk To A Woman

When women are been talked to the way they have wanted, it makes them feel very special. You could sometimes spot a guy who doesn't know a lady but is able to spark attraction in her before they exchange contact. That is what I'm talking about. They love to be treated like a princess and not a queen. Women love to take cool instruction from guys and don't want to be the major aim of the guy.

3. Don't Make Rough Contact

Please, do not make any rough contact when you're looking forward to attract her. You can flirt with your eyes and not neccesarily making a physical contact. Excessive contact can be perceived as rude so please beware. Always remember that women want to feel physically safe and sound around you. They don't want to be maltreated. Also avoid talking about sensitive issues since this could rage some sort of misunderstanding between both of you.

Please follow me for more updates on how to make women chase. The seduction techniques is real.

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