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Rape Obscene

Sad and real story. Girls and parents be vigilant of men who appear to have interest at heart.

Juliet a thirteen years old ,she is in JHS 1 her younger sister Sandra 6 years and in class 4. They attend prince of peace international school in Kumasi, their father prince was a nurse, their mother Ellen was a cooker.

Sadly their father prince was killed in a fatal car accident, actually life became difficult for Ellen and her two daughters. Sandra and Juliet had nobody to help them with their studies.

Theophilus was a friend to madam Ellen, he had been dismissed from work and his wife had left him because theophilus always beat her.

Theophilus began to care about Sandra and Juliet. He sometimes bought them goods plus studies , everybody in the area think theophilus wanted to marry Ellen.

Theophilus visits to Ellen and her daughters became habitual, one night theophilus came to the house and Ellen was not around.

Theophilus entered the bedroom, the girls were undressed and fast asleep, He secretly defiled Juliet ,Juliet began to cry. Her bedspread was soiled with blood too terrible, she was sent to hospital . the Doctor was angry and ordered the arrest of theophilus.the judge jailed him for 25 years with hard labour.

The most painful thing is that the doctor confirmed Juliet can never get birth because the womb has been destroyed soo painful and Juliet finally tested positive for HIV/ AIDS.

So parents and girls beware of men who appeared to have intention at heart. They are dangerous and always have wicked intention.

Let protect our children from this act.

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