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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Forced Me To Sell My Body And Bring Him Money Every day- Woman Narrates

Stacy is a mother of two She's been married for five years. She regrets marrying her husband who started mistreating her just because she could not find job that made him to force her into prostitution.

Unimaginable, yet very real, circumstances exist in today's world. Meet Stacy, a mother and a breadwinner, whose life story she shares. She's been married for five years now.

Her husband, Gidi, has been the one cause of her pain throughout her life. The beginning of their marriage was wonderful, but as time went on, things began to change.

As the lone breadwinner in the household, Gidi has been working as a night gateman. After the COVID-19 epidemic struck, Gidi began acting strangely because his salary had been reduced as a result of the crisis.

When he advised her to look for a job, she tried searching for a job but couldn't find any. She said, "He advised me to use what God gave me to make money." She advised me to start prostitution so she could contribute something to the well-being of their family.

She objected that the result was of him mistreating her after she declined. Her words are clear that she rejected his advice.

She claims that her husband started abusing her to the extent that he carried all the food in his house to the office, leaving her and the kids hungry. Stacy's life was a living hell because her children needed to eat.

She had no option but to give in and accept the job her husband suggested for her. She started prostitution because she had no other option since she could not find any job to support her husband.

She started prostitution. Her husband demanded 70% of the money she made from her work. She later met a rich Arab man who accepted her and her kids. She divorced her husband and locked him up for maltreating her and forcing her into prostitution.

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