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If You Want Your Relationship To Turn To Marriage, Don't Do These Things

 The issue of relationship becomes something we always talk about.  No matter the religion or culture we see ourselves in; there are some things that we always make mistakes about in relationship. Many people always try their best to do everything in a relationship but the truth is that no matter what they do things always don’t work out.

I want to use this opportunity to share with you some Petty mistakes you should never do in a relationship.

Firstly, don’t be taking care of the one you want to marry if you can’t stand what can happen in the future. Being in a relationship does not make you a parent or a guardian. Occasionally you may have to support the person in one way or another but it is not your responsibility to take care of him/her. This is because we have heard so many cases of people complaining that after they had spent so much on a guy/lady, the person later bolted and jilted. Don’t be a parent, be a friend.

Again, never think your partner doesn’t deserve you if he had a negative past life. To think in a relationship that you are better than your partner easily breaks down the relationship. A brother told me the negative things he did while in the ‘world’ – drinking, and chasing. He is now a Christian and the woman he wants to propose to is a cool cultured Christian brought up in the church who has not ‘exploited worldly life’. Based on this, he thinks he does not deserve the lady.  My answer was very simple. If you are still in that lifestyle then you don’t deserve her but if you have renounced your past and have become a ‘new creature’ then you deserve her. Let me add this – never marry someone who intimidates you.  A woman who demeans you during courtship will do the same in marriage.  A man who insults you or even beats you up during courtship (in secret or in the open) will do same after marriage.  If her extreme beauty makes you feel insecure don’t go for her. If his ‘Canada – Accra – Canada’ trips are intimidating you, please forget it. You must feel secured in the courtship otherwise you will lose it. Job said ‘what I fear most has come upon me’.

Try not to do these things and your relationship will be successful.

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