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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies, is he the man of your dream? Here are 5 ways to keep him to yourself alone

This article is written to bring joy and understanding to every family. It is said that everyone can find a solution to most of the small differences on the front line of the family, and most families are usually allowed to escalate into trouble and torture. There is a popular saying that goes like this: "When you educate a woman, you change a generation.

Things a woman should do to keep her husband.


1. Use of the Word

Honestly speaking, every woman has the power to make or break her marriage/relationship the way she talks to her husband. If a woman does not pay attention to how she talks to her husband when they are talking together, she may irritate him many times, and this is very bad for the couple.

In the meantime, a woman who can use a word of mouth will make her an outstanding woman. A woman who has to keep other loving women away from her husband should be gentle and kind to her husband and be ready to watch his tongue regularly.

Sometimes your husband is the one who annoys you. Yes, he wants to drive you crazy so he can act rashly and still be able to deal with you. Some men are like that. All you have to do is switch to a good voice and tell her "Honey, please help me understand exactly what you want me to do right now, please", and then move on.

2. Learn "I'm Sorry"

There is no way a man and a woman can live together for the rest of their lives without a period of conflict. In such cases, always remember the phrase "do not agree with the confession". Those who do not understand how marriage works will always think that arguing with their husbands is an opportunity to show everyone that they are street fighters. They want to show people they can fight.

If a woman is to preserve her marriage and intimidate her, she should be willing to apologize to her husband. Whenever she does something wrong, a woman should learn how to say "I'm sorry". Your ability to apologize is evidence of your maturity and wisdom.

Do not upset your husband because it could put your marriage in jeopardy.

3. Respect His family members

A woman can't marry only her husband and not care for her husband's family.

If a woman tries to keep her husband's family away from her husband, she may irritate her husband's family and conspire against him. Blood is thicker than water, and a man may be irritated by his wife. A wife should love and respect her husband's relationship with her.

4. Take Care of Your Beauty

Today, the streets, ecosystems, and the streets are teeming with women, well-dressed, handsome, single, and young ladies. The group has become a major threat to married women who like to dress shabbily simply because they have one or two children at home who are nurses.

The fact remains that women must keep the unique vision that their men saw in them before taking birth and asked them from the beginning.

5. Give him attention.

Many women take pride in the way they deal with any issues between them and their husbands in their way. Some families are affected because the wife chooses to replace her husband. She does not listen to anyone and only acts in her way. Men are afraid of women like this, and they will never listen to them. If a woman wants to enjoy her marriage and stay away from other women, then listening to her husband’s voice is the beginning of a good marriage.

6. Never use the word "divorce"

Divorce is one of the weapons that bring shame and grief to any family. When a woman decides to be willful and continue to do her way, never consider divorce as an alternative (unless the husband abuses you. Accept the uniqueness of your husband, there is no perfect man.

7. Pardon Your Husband

It is always a stressful time for both of them, when you experience marital problems. If you behave well in your marriage, you should be saved. Then both of you need to get to the root of the problem. Try not to blame each other. Try to forgive and forget.

8. Have Sex with Him and Respect Him

Sex is a magical word. It is a combination of relationships and the purpose of living together. Invest in your love life, because it can actually be the only thing you need to do to save your marriage. Gender is 80% of what we call marriage. Without sex, we can not produce. Some foolish women use sex as a weapon to punish their husbands without realizing it. Wives should submit to their husbands at all times because it is his property.


If your husband annoys you or offends you, when he comes to you, give him sex. He will apologize in bed and correct his mistakes (that is true of men; sometimes they behave like children). By giving him sex whenever he wants, he will not have sex outside of marriage, unless he's a fool.

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Use of the Word


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