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Weird things men find attractive in women

It is very simple to think about which men for the most part track down appealing in ladies a beautiful face, pleasant bends, great habits, and each and every other thing decent.

While we could continue referencing the extraordinary, charming characteristics that pretty much every man would be drawn to instantly, we've additionally found, from examination and addressing folks, that there are a few bizarre things that men love about ladies, things you couldn't have ever speculated or envisioned.

A portion of these things are 'exceptional' individual inclinations, and some are a piece normal among men... be that as it may, they are bizarre none-the-less.


Not shortcoming in that frame of mind of being not able to stand up and represent yourself, or being gutless however as Francis puts it "I like it when my young lady calls me to assist her with settling enigmas, lift stuff or give replies to things that confound her. I believe it's so charming. Causes me to feel like a man"

Everybody loves to have their self image stroked on occasion, isn't that so?

Putting on cosmetics

From the manner in which men grumble about ladies fooling around with cosmetics, it's very bizarre to find that a few men really love watching them apply it.

In any case, Obinna truly prefers. "There's simply something entrancing about watching my angel apply make up. I simply plunk down and watch her do everything. I love it And obviously, I love seeing her wear the cosmetics so flawlessly," he says.

Establishment for a relationship on fleek, perhaps?


Alright. This is directly up bizarre AF. Who cherishes a difficult lady, isn't that so?

All things considered, Chibuzor says; "I love tenacity in a lady... I don't have the foggiest idea why, I can't make sense of it, I simply do."

It's most likely something special to do with realizing a lady can persevere, and demand as needs be.

Stretch imprints

Never thought the word stretch-mark and alluring could at any point be utilized in a similar sentence however a few people really find stretch imprints alluring.

Wearing glasses

This is very normal and entirely reasonable - ladies in glasses are typically awesome looking.

Why this makes our rundown is on the grounds that ladies who wear glasses some of the time dread they are ugly thus.

No make up

"I very much like it when she can feel great around me without cosmetics. I feel she has to know that regardless of cosmetics, I think that she is stunning" says Ibidapo.


While it is cool to be polite, comported, and quiet, a lot of folks have likewise shown interest in ladies with cumbersome, ridiculous sides - the people who are not generally serious or tense and can make those insane countenances for selfies.

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