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"She is likely to die" - Ohemaa Woyeje drops sad news from Angel TV.

Life is designed for men and women to have a good feel of it. It's very strange and disheartening when people do not care about the health and life of their colleague Human beings. Certain incidents really shows how inhuman some people are. They have no thought of mercy, pity and compasion towards one another.

The news headlines from Angel News is very sad. Ohemaa Woyeje was very grieved as she made known the details of the whole incidents involving a Beautiful Woman who's Nipple has been bite off by a Man during a Fight.

If you think you are strong, there is the need to stand firm and fight with your colleague and not the Opposite sex. According to the news which has been displayed, a man by Name Fumtuna as the people of his area populary call him, had a strange and serious fight with a woman and the outcome of the fight or battle is heartbreaking.

The man was able to overpower the woman in terms of strength, but the man went deeper by chewing off some sensitive body parts of the woman as the woman lies down helpless without any hope till good samaritans comes to her aid.

The man bite - off her nipples and shoulder and blood gush out like a pool or stream.

As a result of the Condition in which the Woman found herself, her name was not known to viewers. However, it was confirmed by Ohemaa Woyeje and Dickson Kwadwo that, the woman is in a very critical and serious condition as she is responding to treatment from prominent Doctors.

It was later confirmed by Angel TV reporter to Ohemaa Woyeje that, the victim [Woman] has taking in Alcohol likewise the man. But the extent of which the man decided to bite off the nipples of the woman is very bad and he needs to be arrested immediately.

Nipples are one of the sensitive part of a Woman. It plays an important role when it comes to breastfeeding. That is, Babies suck breast through the nipples from the breast of their mothers.

Things will be very difficult for the Woman as it stands now at it's initial stage. We pray that the woman is not having a young Baby who still sucks her breast.

Let be careful about the kind of Fight we initiate. Some may be very risky and can put your life at stake.

Use the link to watch the full video of the news from Angel TV this afternoon on Orgasm News.

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