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Use Bitter Cola To Overcome Spiritual Marriage

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Spiritual Marriage is very dangerous, why am i saying this, this is true because it can affect all your life and finances. Having an affair in a dream without knowing the person is very dangerous and it can even lead you to become stagnant in life. You can have a conversation with me through this, zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine. Spiritual Marriage can even lead you to disappointment.

In this article, you will learn how to use bitter cola to stop those spirit. Bitter cola has a spiritual implications and it can control any negative activities because of its positive energy.

Bitter cola is one of the fruit demons are afraid of, but people dont know, maybe you have heard the name before or you have used some before but you dont know the spiritual implications, then this article will show you how you will use bitter cola to overcome spiritual marriage

How To Use Bitter Cola To Break Spiritual Marriage.

If you are having a spiritual marriage , and you have prayed and fast but still the spirit is not leaving you, then try this one too and it will work for you within a twinkle of an eye.


Take seven bitter cola and write your name on a white sheet of paper, put all the bitter cola on the sheet of paper and go down on your knees and recites this prayer.

" O holy Angel, the Angel of the sun, the Angel of the moon and the Angel of the stars, help me to overcome this spirit Hodie Hodie Hodie Amen.

Use the seven bitter cola and put it into your water and bath . The bathing should be seven days.

After seven days of bathing, wrap the bitter cola with the paper you wrote your requests and dig it inside the hole.

Congratulations, the spirit will just leave you and your life will become successful.

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