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3 Things You Should Never Do To Please A Woman

There are things a man should never do to please a woman, no matter how much he loves her. A man should make sure he does what his wife tells him to, but there should be a limit. As an adult, you should never allow a woman to be abused.

There's nothing wrong with making your woman happy, but be careful not to do what you regret later on.

1 Lack of Respect for Family No matter how hard you try to please a woman, never insult or respect your family. Never speak ill of your family in front of your wife. Always remember that in case of failure, your family will always support or help you. If something goes wrong, the lady may leave your life, but your family will be with you forever.

2. Don't be silent when it hurts. Today some men keep silent when they are in pain. If you miss a woman, don't be silent because you want to make her feel good, always say what you think. It does not go without saying that a man who is hurt and not speaking will either gently kill him or repeat the same incident that caused the pain.

3. Don't pretend you aren't. It seems that some men are not alone these days because they want their wives to feel good. As a man you have to show your true self, not give up your personality, be honest with yourself. How long can you take it if you constantly pretend you're not in a relationship? This relationship cannot last long.

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