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Do this, if you want your community members to have affection for you.

🙏Be humble; In some communities there exist some plutocratic members that are very hated by the community.So in other to stay blissfully in your community, do not over boast of whom you are, and no matter how rich or poor you are, never use it as an opportunity to control your community negatively. Our communities need to be improved upon socially religiously and academically. So let try to live a life that will not scare people from approaching us due to our job titles rank and we will be surprised how much love our communities will develop towards us. More to the point if we bring our self down, no bad records or lies shall prosper against us and every one will be happy seeing you.👩‍👩‍👧 Participate in all community events; We have many people in our societies who are noted of giving of out money to support community events but will never appear there even a single day to even greet those offering the kind support including funerals and some other important gathering. This practice is not always good in the sight of community because sometimes your presence is always necessary than your funds. So in view of this let try to interrelate with our communities socially, this will definitely generated a very high affection and your communities will never forget of you.

🤛Be Respectful; No matter the kind of people you live with in your community, please respect them for you don't know whom might help you tomorrow. For it can be better today and worse tomorrow, so never overlook anyone in your community and you shall stay lovely with all your community members.

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