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Pregnancy period

Life advice is needed.

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NICKS I chanced on a very sad information this afternoon and it has just ruined my mood. Been thinking about it all evening.

Life hub fans, I mean those in their teens and early twenties. These sugar daddy business will not bring them anything good. They should stop allowing these older gentlemen take advantage and ruin their youth. All these old men want from them is their young succulent bodies.

They should stop thinking they are 'dating' mature men and open their eyes to see that this men only need sex from them and nothing more. They don't care about you!! They will ruin you.

A young lady I taught a few years back in her J.H.S was 'dating' a well-respected married older gentleman in my hood.

 Now that pregnancy has come, all the man cares about is his 'good name' and 'reputation'. He has been threatening the girl and warned her to abort the pregnancy. The young girl is now in disbelief as to how he is now treating her. She thought they were in 'love'.

Please warn them so they don't fall prey to those old men

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