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5 Signs The Guy You Are Dating is a Chameleon

A lot of men and women who are dating saw something spectacular on her guy or his woman before going on a date with such a person.

But there are times one of them may feel a kind of game with the other partner. And this is what I call the behavior of a chameleon in dating. And no, I don’t mean the person is a lizard!

For you to know that the guy you are dating is a dating chameleon, there are five that you should look out for.

A "dating chameleon" is someone who fears standing out. They blend in to find approval and love from the people they love.

In short, they may like to share parts of themselves but they have a deep fear that if they do, their ladies won't accept and love them as well.

These guys pretend to like a kind of game you like when that game may be the very game they wish does not even exist at all.  

What’s the risk of chameleon dating? 

Sometimes situations and conditions make a lot of women choose men they know are chameleons but they still stick to them. Because they think that clock is ticking and they are the last of their friends to get married. 

And they need to work things fast to also get married even if it's a mediocre date because it's better than no date at all.

But the truth is these women and girls end up dating a chameleon and they later on regret so much.

 Below are 5 signs that show that you are dating a ‘dating chameleon’ and you are succumbing to his tricks. Thereby hiding your authentic self in this new relationship.

The first sign that shows you are under the influence of a ‘dating chameleon’ is when you choose to agree with everything your date likes, says, or does, even when you really don’t like it.

It doesn’t mean you have to act like a disagreeable, miserable date or always try to avoid what he likes.

But if you find yourself pretending to like something in order to please your date to approve of you, you may end up ignoring all the good things you like just to accept what you never liked and still don't like it.

Again after pretending to be interested in all that he likes, you end up not hearing from him as usual. The highest you can go is to read short messages from him like ‘how was your night’?

The truth is, you’re really chomping at the bit for a text message when your date lives closer to you. He will at this time behave as if he is in a far distant country by sending you short text messages instead of visiting you or asking you to visit him.

Secondly, you will get to know that your self esteem has been compromised because of a dating chameleon. And at the end you will start telling yourself that you are not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough for this very guy.

The third sign to know that you are dating a chameleon is now stretching the truth about yourself. You could now see that you speak.

You speak ambiguously about things you’re ashamed of just for your date to know or tell white lies about your life, all in the interest of making him accept or love you.

Fourthly, another sign is that you will start losing very good friends of yours because your life will seem somehow to them. They will see you as a new person with those strange new characters.

Your date partners whose attitude really aren’t a good match for your lifestyle, your intellectual or emotional levels, or your religious or political beliefs will make your close friends go far from you.

Finally, the sign that will make you know that you're dating a ‘dating chameleon’ is that you will lose your true self or true identity by living under your date’s shadow. By then, you end up feeling resentful, bored, and unfulfilled.

Instead of behaving like a chameleon because of living with a ‘dating chameleon’ please kindly disconnect from the lies and allow your true self to manifest. 

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