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Husband and wife relationship

Questions a lady who is ready for marriage need to ask herself

Questions a lady who is ready for marriage need to ask herself.

1.Am I ready to be under a man?

2.Am I prepared to be a mother for my husband and children?

3.Can I cook very well, because they say that, the road to a man's heart is his stomach?

4.How educated am i, formally and informally?

5.Can I do the chores and how well?

6.Am I ready to be responsible and responsive to my would-be family,i.e. nuclear and extended family?

7.Have I been able to work on my temperament? 

If you can at least answer 5 of those questions you are ready for marriage.

When a relationship is coming to an end, what are the signs and symptoms

 1. Deafness: I didn't hear it ring.

 2. Blindness: I didn't see your missed calls.

 3. Formation of busy: when you called, I was busy

 4. Nowhere to be found: Can we meet? Oh I'll be going somewhere today

 5. Online but not chatting: I just switched on my data to

Joke of the day

Some men cannot study for 2 years and obtain a Master Degree. But they can date a lady for 5 years and claim they are still studying her character! You will soon be awarded a PHD in Characters and Behavioral Studies!  

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