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Dating & Relationship Talks : Don't Flirt With Someone Aside Your Partner. It's Cheating

 Insecurity is one major cause of many 

 breakups and divorces in most modern day relationships , it's true that we all have ego and pride - which is mostly used to cover our weakness , we all are really keeping our very best to keep hold of our most priced  reputation of “not being dumped” to kept intact . 

However, it lies on both individuals involved to make sure the other doesn’t feel being cheated on . 

Most will think that cheating is only when your man or woman flirts , hookup , lead on someone who’s not his /her partner . 

The definition of cheating lies flat on a basic illustration of one doing what their partner won’t do . Example ; it could be that you guys have planned to fast . Then, one mischievously sneak into the kitchen to go dish a meal for oneself without the others knowledge. That’s how basic it can get.

So yeah , sometimes what you’re doing as someone’s partner is no where close to cheating on your partner , but for a fact that he/she has never / is not involved in such an act - you should just know you’re “CHEATING”

Okay let’s flip to the other page!!!!

You hate finding out what your partner has done . Even though , it’s not as bizarre as it looks , you flip . Yeah right , you have every reason to ! But on the other hand , before you do something that seems so usual to you , but perfectly knows it’ll irk the other person , why do it ??? What if what you also flared about it’s not as bizarre as it is to you than it is to him . 

It takes effort to get what you want . remember that .

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