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Meet the African tribe that is forbidden to marry and only walk with 2 toes

The universe is blessed with many unique different creatures. Humanity was created entirely in physical nature. But have you ever seen a man with two fingers? We will find out in this article.

The Vadoma tribe is also called Bantvana, which means "descendant or children". The tribe is one of the oldest tribes in Africa and is apparently the only hunter-gatherer tribe in Zimbabwe currently living in the Kanyimba region.

In this village, marriages outside the tribe are prohibited and these two marked people exist. They are also known as "ostrich leg trunk".

As a result, members are prohibited from marrying outside the tribe, so the condition of the two rows does not extend to other tribes. Members with this condition are not considered disabled in society because their toes help them climb trees with ease.

Two-weight disease is the result of a rare genetic disorder called "ectrodactyly syndrome". This occurs when one or more fingers or toes is missing at birth. Their condition is passed down genetically from generation to generation and therefore they are not allowed to marry anywhere other than their original person. You can't walk or wear shoes. The people of this tribe could only hunt or gather food, but without much difficulty.

In medicine, the condition in Vadoma people is caused by mutations in chromosome number 7. Dominantly inherited genetic mutations persist when there is a more beneficial effect, no wonder that legs with two tow trunks help them climb trees.

African thinking led them to believe that they came from the baobab tree, along with others who also claim that their ancestors were like birds that came from heaven, settled on earth, and then mixed with women to become young. type.

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