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Life is not a game, a sad story of a young man. Part 2

This is a continuation of the first article I did earlier on so you can follow me and read that one to get the full glimpse of the story.

So as the young man entered the university, he was very focused and did very well in his first semester courses with A throughput all the courses.

Even though he rented a hostel far from the school because he was not able to get a school hall yet he always walk miles to attend lectures.

By God's grace he completed level hundred with a GPA of 3.92 despite all the hardship he was going through. He was not dating, always punctual at church service and also the first to be in class despite the distance he was coming from.

One day when he was in Level 200. He had a call from a pastor friend who has left abroad to continue his studies. The friend knew his situation and sent him some good sums of money to take care of some bills.

Life was getting good for this young man on campus as money begun not to be a problem. He begun to have some friends on campus who also was his course mates. These friends introduced him to gambling, casino and some other stuffs as they convinced that can end his poverty.

Little by little this poor boy gave in to friends and later become addicted to all manner of social vices. He was ones arrested for stealing someone's laptop on campus and also some phones.

Life became a living hell for this young man to the extent that he was not able to complete the university.

Let us always remember bad company corrupt good manners. No Mather how good you are, the kind of people you associate with can have an impact on your actions whether positive or negative.

I pray God guide us all not to end up like this young man. God bless you for reading.

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