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Love is Really Blind: Beautiful Young Lady Commits Suicide Because Of What Her Boyfriend Did to Her

Young girls today seem to be more in love with their boyfriends than with their own lives. Instead of making parents proud by struggling to succeed, they prefer to sacrifice themselves out of love for their boyfriends, thus leaving their parents in immense grief.

This Friday, a young and beautiful girl made a stupid gesture that plunged her parents into everlasting sorrow. Yannick and Annick are two young people who have been in a romantic relationship for several years. To tell the truth, these two in love were simply enviable, so much so that they were admired by people.

A completely crazy scene happened in the city of Grand Bassam. A girl who her boyfriend refused to forgive her infidelity killed herself by swallowing a drug meant for rats. A horrible event happened in Grand Bassam which has left several local residents in shock. A family is inconsolable after their only daughter committed suicide to end her life.

Picture of Yannick and Annick together:

Yannick, on the other hand, observed that his fiancée, whom he adored, was having a relationship with a middle-aged man from the very same neighborhood whom he recognized well one day when he hardly anticipated it. Things began to shift from that point forward, and he was completely taken aback by this horrible finding.

However, when she showed up to see him just before yesterday night, Yannick informed her that he was absolutely sure of her cheating and, therefore, that he intends to split up with her. Yannick, who didn't want to hear anything else from her, didn't think for a minute about granting her another opportunity, regardless of her pleas.

She killed herself by swallowing rodenticide, sometimes referred to as "mouse poison," when her lover failed to follow through on her demand. She was discovered dead in her bedroom, grabbing handfuls of rodenticide. The girl was the only child in her family, which serves as the story's conclusion. The mom found her daughter with much anguish in her heart.

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