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5 Signs To Understand If a Girl is Flirting with You or Playing Tricks

Often we are engaged in the uproar that what the girl indicates if she loves us. These 5 signs are important for you. You must have heard the phrase ‘two and a half characters love’ but do you know how complicated this two and a half letter game is. Often, people who fall in love have a different perspective. But one-sided love always causes trouble, people will be well aware of this. Women often give incomplete hints about their feelings, which men do not easily understand. These signs are so complex that men are in a state of confusion about whether the woman is flirting with them or has taken a friendly stance. Due to this incomplete gesture of women, many men have to face a lot of problems because they do not understand that their female friends are flirting with them or friendly behavior. So in this article, we are telling you about some tips through which you can find out if you are falling prey to any misunderstanding.

When she tries to impress you

You must have heard that ‘the path of the heart passes through the stomach’. Yes, this saying is absolutely correct. If a girl is trying to flirt, she will do your favorite things or try to impress you by talking to you about it. For example, if you like one dish very much, she will try to learn it and one day you will definitely make and feed it so that you get impressed by it. However, if the girl only likes you as a friend then she will only compliment your choice or taste. You need to recognize the difference between the two, whether the woman is trying to impress you or to appreciate you.

Learn the difference between body language

Another way to find out if a girl is flirting with you or friendly behavior is her body language. According to experts, we treat people we really like, especially compared to those of whom we are just friends. For example, when a girl likes you, she comes close to you while talking or inadvertently tries to touch you. If you do not mind her touch then it means that she likes you. This can be a good sign, but depending on his body language, it is important to know other signs before arriving at a conclusion.

Pay more attention to what you say

Does he remember that you told him about a childhood incident a few weeks ago? When you are in a group and everyone is talking to each other, does she keep looking at you? If this happens, it means that she is paying more attention to you. We pay more attention to those we are interested in. Therefore, we keep listening and remembering things regardless.

She repeatedly says that I’m single

Telling someone once that you are single is a common thing, especially when you are trying to open up in front of them. But if someone repeatedly indicates that she is single, it is likely that she is trying to draw attention to the fact that she is not in a relationship with anyone. If this happens, the girl is interested in you and wants to take the friendship forward with you.

Try to know more about your past life

If she tries to ask you questions about your past life, likes, and dislikes, then it is likely that she wants to be more than your friend. If her questions are a little personal, and she still keeps asking you about her, then she is definitely interested in you.

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