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Single Moms are Not Doing Something Right

Being a single mom could be the dream of some women but hell to others depending in the reason for the outcome.

Some women got married to a partner they later realised couldn't live up to expectations either financially, socially or maybe on bed.

Some people leave faster when the relationship no longer produces money, some men lose their jobs and when that happens, some women are pushed to behave funny and act in a way that suggests they are no longer interested in their marriage, this suggests that It is advisable for every woman to have something doing just incase situations change.

Marriage is not easy, its not cheap either, I advice people I meet to get a good stable place to stay, possibly built by them before getting married, once you get married, it will be difficult to even lay a block because some women deliberately get pregnant annually because they understand their menstrual circle, you can imagine getting married and in five years your wife produces 3 to 4 children, how do you manage such family without your own house to stay, that is when pressure sets inn, building is very important, more important than a car if you don't have it, this is because once you die in a rented house, how will your family cope? They will end up being treated like 'shit' and chased into the street. That is when the desperate single motherhood with misery sets inn.

To add to that, some women measure their standard by how friends define them, some women are easily influenced and its important to identify the kind of person you are and what you can stand, imagine a girl saying she wants to give birth because every other friend is giving birth, such a short sighted way of thinking, these are some of the basic reasons young girls produce children early.

Girls in Ghana also get into this situation due to desperate urge to make money through men, when you begin to feel that your boyfriend is your source of income, that is what happens, this happens to women who have no trade skills and also feel their body should produce money through sex, once men gets what they wants from such over demanding girls, such men also do not take a no for an answer when they need sex, once they want it you should make yourself available even if you are in your 'danger period' they push them aside, its not easy to withstand debts. Today's girls should take a cue from what other single mothers are facing.

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