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4 Things Women Do That Piss Off Men.

1. Loving a woman and she doesn’t love you back.

This are some of the mistakes woman do, that scare away men. Woman who usually, plays with the heart of man, leads him to so many emotional and psychological distress. Men are so sensitive that, when they like something special about and you don’t give them the chance, they find it difficult to get rid of those emotional distress.

2.Over analyzing

Women Over analyzing in relationship, usually causes the downfall of relationship. Most women don’t think to the brim, before they act on some certain issues. Women are so complicated to the extent that, they can create their own scenario and cry over words that don’t deserve their tears. Some men are not complicated, they take thing very easy and don’t act upon base less issues.

3. giving him enough space

Some men are very different. When a man has something going on in his life, a situation or something on his mind, he needs a lot to solve those social canker. When men are overwhelmed, they often need to shut out everybody else in order to figure things out, until the problem is figured out of their minds. This is when women tend to take it very personal, or take it as a sign that, their partner doesn’t really care about them.

4. Expecting him to read you mind

This is the biggest mistakes most women do, that piss men off. Making him to guess your emotions, accomplishes the opposite of what you mean. Expecting him to know what’s wrong, or to know why you’re upset without telling him anything, enables him to get disengage of your emotions and push you away.

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