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Young man retrieves dresses he bought for girlfriend in public after seeing her with another man

Young man retrieved stuff from his girlfriend in public because she was seen with another guy, Unbelievable. Watch people's concern and reaction in video.

There are alot of established stages of interaction that can help us understand how relationships come together and come apart. Today's world, some gentleman most especially will end up asking in returns every item or even money he spent on a lady the moment there are misunderstandings. Some men even go as far as embarrassing the lady in public just to retrieve his belongings. Forgetting the benefits they also enjoyed during his stay. There must always be a mutual understanding and clearance before you walk away just to save embarrassment. 

A young lady got embarrassed in a public space by her ex boyfriend. She was likely to go nude because the young man demanded for the clothes he bought her. But people came to the lady's rescue and was covered up. Ladies of today barely end a relationship before jumping into another. 

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