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I like you but as a friend: How to avoid this situation

In this article, I'll explain exactly how to avoid the friend zone and how to get out Friendzone if you have already entered. There are many men who make the damn mistakes that lead them to the friendship zone or friend zone. We are talking about those cases (very numerous) in which a man meets a woman he likes and instead of picking her up he becomes her friend. 

It is a very uncomfortable and exhausting situation, being friends with a woman who attracts you in a crazy way, but not being able to do anything because he sees you only as a friend. Being stuck in the friendzone is not a very pleasant thing, it is a real pain. But after reading this guide you have no more excuses, you will no longer be able to complain because you will know exactly what to do to become not a friend, but a partner.

If after reading this guide, you become friends with the next girl you know, like and actually want to conquer then it means that you are something else. 

What is the friend zone?

It is that situation in which a man meets a woman he would like to hook up with, and instead of seducing her he becomes her friend because he acts as a friend rather than a lover. We feel good together, we share moments, we laugh, we joke but we can't go further.The first kiss never comes, and you have to settle for rare physical contacts that ignite the imagination, increase the desire but do not fulfill the outburst, and while you imagine intimate moments with her, you do not find the courage to declare yourself, to make her understand that you really like her, or maybe you do and she tells you, "I only see you as a friend, we can't get together." Here dear brother this is the friendship zone.

"But if I am now in the friendship zone and I want to conquer the girl in question, is there a way to get out and go from friend to partner?"

It is not an easy thing, let's say that it is easier to pick up a girl you do not know than a friend , however there are techniques that you can implement if you have entered the friendship zone and want to leave it, obviously to avoid being told " you I see you as a friend ”you have to move by designing everything according to a well defined and tested strategy that I will explain later. Before talking about how to get out of the friendship zone, it is good to know how not to enter it , and the mistakes you must not make in order not to fall into a nutshell.

The Friendship Zone and the Mistakes You Must Not Make

If you've already heard of you saying “ I only see you as a friend" or "I'm not interested in you in that sense" or worse “ I don't want to ruin our friendship", then it means that you have made some basic mistakes. Mistakes that I also made when I was totally inexperienced in the field of seduction, but you are lucky enough to read this information and therefore you will not be forced as I have in the past to have to understand where I was wrong by receiving dozens of two of spades and wasting a lot of time, burning numerous situations just because I acted the wrong way. Knowing is not enough; we have to put what we know into practice. Not even wanting is enough; we must do. I understood that by studying the mistakes that men who enter the friendship zone make, I avoid entering the friendship zone and by applying the right strategies I can conquer a woman instead of becoming her friend.

Mistakes you keep making.

The biggest mistake that people make in these cases and that takes you into the friendship zone, is when you assume a mixed behavior between his best friend and the doormat man. She likes you, you have fun together, but you failed to trigger the right attraction in her to seduce her. This is simply because you seduced her the wrong way , behaved like a beta male.

While I cannot 100% guarantee that you will be able to go from friend to partner by following the strategy I am about to show you, you will still shake up the friendship by making it clear that you are interested and at the same time avoiding being told. Let's now analyze together the classic typical situation of the man who enters the friendship zone: a man knows a girl, and acts as a Beta:

He picks her up and takes her home, they go out together, they have dinner together, he pays for everything, he never takes the initiative. According to his every request, the only thing he is not doing "is not to try immediately" a little for his insecurity, a little for the fear of being rejected he takes time.

Until one day, as he became her best friend, she confided to him that she was interested in another man. At this point, prompted by this terrible news, he takes courage and declares his feelings, but the woman in question, not expecting such a thing and feeling for him only a good friend, in most cases responds.

3 strategies to get out of the friendship zone

1. Stop dating her.

"CyraxPen what the hell are you saying if I stop dating her how am I going to win her over?" Since you entered the friend zone, she now sees you as a friend, in order for her to change this vision and escape from the friend zone you have to stop being her friend. To stop being her friend you have to stop dating her, it seems simple as a reasoning to me doesn't it?

At this point she will miss you and will try to contact you, and you will be shy and you will use a little apology by showing yourself committed, she will notice this difference in attitude and will start wondering why, if she asks you, simply answer that everything is ok and that nothing has changed or happened, it's just that in this period you are very busy and you have less time to go out. A break of about twenty days is more than enough to implement this strategy.

2. Work on the masculine characteristics that make men attractive

To pick up a woman and attract her like a magnet, you should have all the certain characteristics. If you want girls to like you, think about the characteristics you already have and work on the ones you lack. Make her a little jealous, don't go out with her but go out with other friends. If she sees you hanging out with other people or even worse with other girls, she will most likely trigger a little jealousy in her.

This is because until some time ago you were there ready to polish her shoes, and now that you are no longer her slave subject to her will, she will accuse it and guess what? If a girl is jealous, it means she is attracted. If you meet her, tell her that these friends had invited you for a long time and you could not refuse,the important thing is that even if you don't frequent her, when you meet her or hear her, you stay in good contact, talk about this and that and about the new things you are doing without raising questions and obviously without explaining your secret strategy to get out of the friendship zone.

3. Return to her with the attitude of the Alpha man

When you return to go out with her (after a posting of about twenty days) your attitude will be totally different from what you had the last time you went out.This is because you understand how to behave and what a man must do to be attractive. You should be the one to decide what to do on the way out.

You should no longer comply with all her requests and propose different things to do

Increase physical contact (touch arms, hugs, clap 5, pat on the back, et cetera.

Content created and supplied by: CyraxPen (via Opera News )


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