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Kiss Or Grab Party Game: What You Need To Know And Reaction (Video)

A "kiss or grab" game is a party game or ice breaker where participants take turns picking the name of a person from a hat, bag, or other container. 

Depending on the specific version of the game, the person whose name is picked must either kiss or grab the person of their choice, or the person who picked their name must kiss or grab them. 

The rules and variations of the game can vary widely and it is typically seen as a party game or a way to flirt.

Most YouTubers make a game called "kiss or grab" and put it on their channel. 

Kiss or grab is a game that a man and a woman usually play in public. Some people used it as their main source of income on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. This is the way to do it; 

First, the content creator will approach you in public and ask your name and where you're from. Then, he'll ask you a question like "Money or s3x?" and the woman will choose one. 

Also, he will ask you what you would do if you had the choice between a kiss and a grab. If the lady chooses the grab, he will grab her buttocks, and if she chooses the kiss, he will kiss her. 

Then, they go back to their different studios to edit it and post it on their platforms so people can watch it.

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Kiss Or Grab Party Game


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