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How To Seduce Her Over Text

Today, the smartphone has become a consumer product and has completely entered our mores and our way of life. It is the same for our way of approaching people and in particular in matters of seduction. More than phone calls or even checking emails, it is text messages that give pride of place to the smartphone for flirting: whether it concerns a work colleague, a classmate, a neighbor or even a woman met on a site online dating, your seduction goes inexorably through the SMS phase.

Using SMS has many advantages, both for the flirting and for the person receiving them. Indeed, with SMS, it is possible to totally control what you say, what you write unlike a phone call or even a face to face meeting because we would be moved, shy or nervous. Behind his phone screen, the embarrassment disappears. With SMS, there is no rush to respond immediately, although it is advisable not to wait too long either; with this practice, you can play on waiting for the other to create the desire, the lack or you can immediately restart it for real-time contact, wherever you are.

Unlike a phone call, the SMS is not considered intrusive: there is no risk of falling into a bad moment, of upsetting the person. Impossible to disturb the girl you flirt with because she is with her girlfriends or with family or at work. With SMS, the girl can find out when she wants and when she can. The SMS is perfect for communicating for free (today, most operators offer a package including free and unlimited SMS and MMS) and especially all day while we tend to call once or twice a day. It is the perfect weapon for the timid: while they do not dare when they are in front of each other, the SMS allows them to let go completely and even to direct the conversation towards something more naughty (we then speak of "sext" as opposed to texting in SMS mode.

To get in touch with a girl, do not hesitate to congratulate her on her makeup, on her clothes. But be careful, don't trivialize it: no text like "nice your new pants!" Or "you look great today". No, you have to relate the compliment to something else, complimenting her and referring to a star of the song she likes. "I love your stylish t-shirt, Beyoncé is wearing the same one I think."

To create a bond between you, make her laugh or smile, distract her. Send her a photo of you or both of you that are quirky, funny. Always stay positive. No banal text messages like "hello, how's it going?" Or "I had an excellent last night" or "you're right". Offer him something, make suggestions like "I have a friend who works in such a movie and he gave me 2 tickets, do you like it?"

Finally, you have to create a real bond between you: send her a little message fairly regularly without harassing her. Show her that you are thinking of her by working her imagination. Something like "I'm on the beach and the sun is going down, too bad you're not there against me". Most often use the "we", the "we" instead of the too personal "I". "We should spend a week on vacation in such and such a place, what do you think? "

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