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Divorce Affair

I fell in love with another man but I am also married. God what should I do

I am married but absolutely in love with someone else and there is nothing I can do. It is very painful. It hurts me deep. I suffer over it.

I cannot just leave my husband and my Children. My husband is a good, decent, hardworking man. Thanks to him everything is in order and taken care of.

He is a good one, loving and gentle father , a friend and a good lover. He is hopelessly in love with me( after 7 years of marriage) although I am far from perfect and does not want us to go our way separate ways .

But I am insanely, hopelessly in love with another man I don't know if he knows it and he can't tell me.

Is divorce going to be an option for you? Some people won't consider getting divorced for religious reasons. You might be adamantly opposed to the idea of divorce, and this could be a big part of why you're so conflicted. 

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