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Guys, How To Show A Girl You Like Her Without Overdoing It

Having a crush on a girl can be fun but it can also cause some nerves. Trying to let her know you like her without overdoing it can be a challenge, but there are lots of fun ways to do it. If you are looking to build a romantic friendship with a girl but you don't know how to get the ball rolling, here are a few pointers that may help you break the ice.

1. Carry yourself casually around her. Do not give in totally to your feelings. You will scare her off that way. If you act a bit normal, she will be comfortable around you. That's a good achievement.

2. Find out what you are great at, like if you are gifted with an attractive smile or if you have an adorable laugh or a catchy voice or something like that. You can showcase them subtly in her presence. Subtly is the word you need to keep your mind on.

3. Do something for her which is good and at the same time, it might be something out of your comfort zone or something which you would not do for not-so-special people. If she knows you, she will appreciate this a lot.

4. You can compliment her dress but make sure she has her company of friends there. They will talk about it and she will like it.

5. By being friendly. If you two are already friends and she still doesn't realize you like her, you'll have to come out and say it eventually (some girls don't catch the hint). Don’t expect her to feel the same way because she could be invested in someone else, it happens. But being friendly and helpful towards her is a good way of letting her know without overdoing it.

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