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Divorce Affair

What Should I Do? - I Caught My Father Sleeping With My Mother's Sister - Lady Shares Dilemma

Cheating and infidelity in today's society, marriages, business, and romantic relationships are not uncommon but today the spotlight is on infidelity in marriage.

Being cheated on and having your feelings toyed with can be very detrimental to your entire existence if you are not strong enough but being cheated on in your marriage with your relative can be simply excruciating.

A young lady has shared a very worrisome story on social media that revealed a secret romantic affair between her father and her mother's sister.

According to the young lady, she caught her father and her aunty "doing the do" when she decided to come home early from her grandmother's place. She revealed that her mother had traveled to China for business and she has been staying with her grandmother to help her out but decided to go home to support her father only to find out that her father was occupied by her Auntie.

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