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How To Get Over Her Quickly: 9 Ways To Deal With A Break Up

Although sometimes we are not clear about how to overcome a breakup, and as in any conflictive situation, be patient and tolerant with yourself . Do not set a deadline to find yourself well and do not despair if after a certain time there are still moments of memory and melancholy. It is logical that this happens, since you have shared a very private time and experiences with this person but the day will come when the memory will not sting so much. If you have previous experiences in romantic breakups or loss of someone or something of value, you will know that this is so, keep it in mind.

1. Allow Yourself To Be Sad.

For some people being sad is so unpleasant that they do not allow it. Even with the "he / she doesn't deserve it" speech we can prevent our feelings from flowing naturally, and this is absolutely necessary. In a breakup there is a loss, not only of the couple but also of a lifestyle. It is important that you allow yourself to feel and bear this loss . Striving to be well does not allow you to process what you are living and also implies an emotional exhaustion by forcing yourself not to feel; You may even make decisions that you are not very proud of afterwards.

2. Don't Let Sadness Take Up Too Much.

Earlier I told you to allow yourself to be sad, but this is not that sadness takes hold of you and drags you into a pit of desolation. You have to be active . Sadness is sometimes a bit "tricky", it invites you to stay at home, without grooming yourself, without eating or eating improperly, even changing your sleep and hygiene habits. Following this path will never make you come out of sadness, if not you will fall into a dangerous spiral of self destruction.

3. Meet Your Friends.

Explain to the extent that you feel comfortable what the new situation is and how you are feeling , but do not let this monopolize the conversation: be interested in how your friends are, what interesting news there are in their lives, etc. Try to be distracted by them , listen to their jokes, and laugh if you feel like it.

4. Don't Idolize Her.

This is not the time to deify her or exclusively remember the best moments with her. It is about being fair and understanding that being me or being the other person who ends the relationship, it was failing, something was not right, or it could be a toxic relationship. This is fairer than crushing yourself or your partner, nor thinking that you are the good one or the other one.

5. Don't Hate Her.

Thinking that he is the worst person in the world or wishing her badly, will not make you feel better. Hatred only causes discomfort to those who suffer it. Try to think more about your well-being than about your discomfort.

6. Think Of Yourself.

What do you want to do now? How would you like your life to be? Get to work on it. Specify the steps necessary to achieve your goals and get started as soon as possible. You have the opportunity to carry out new activities and dreams as well as fight to keep those that you consider important in your life.

7. Accept The Distance With Some People In Your Partner's Circle.

Try to be understanding and respectful of their friends and family. You also like that your people support you and sometimes it is difficult to support both after a romantic breakup. There will be those who position themselves on your part and those who position themselves on theirs. Try not to let this hurt you more than necessary and to do this, understand that it is normal.

8. Forget About Social Networks.

At least temporarily. Through them you can obtain a certain level of information but surely your imagination will put the rest and do it in a cruel and painful way. Better to keep your distance from these sources if you want to get over the breakup as soon as possible. Avoid controlling your partner, it is more important that you start to focus on yourself.

9. Don't Dramatize.

This is not the time to think about everything with which we are not satisfied, or at least also to realize everything that is going well for us in life. Any excuse can be good to make a drama but also to see it as an opportunity for growth.

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