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Remember The White Couple Who Gave Birth to Black Triplets? See What They Have Become After 4 Years

Today i want to show you in this post how the a white couple have birth to black couple and how the whole idea began. Aaron and Rachel Halbert are an American husband and wife who engage frequently in Honduras humanitarian missions. Unfortunately, this pair have known these distinctions very well, considering their admiration for a few audacious decisions made in recent years.

Since learning about the possibility of embryos, they first took two young children and decided to go further in the quest for children.

While Rachel could not be pregnant, the pair dreamed that they had kids for a while and decided therefore to adopt a girl and a boy.

They knew that a white furred boy would have a better chance than a black boy, they understood very well but they didn't change their thoughts and took two children with a dark skin, so that people responded very strongly.

Yet they decided to try when they learned that embryos could be adopted. The couple were asked about their race in one of the medical clinical interviews and both said they wanted the new kids to be racial like their elderly children. The team of experts endorsed the option of African American embryos. Therefore, they agreed with their opinions.

Two African American embryos frozen over 15 years were implanted into Rachel. After a while the long hoped-for moment realized if the woman was pregnant indeed. They went and got shocked at a nearby hospital.

The pair was surprised that one of the embryos broke Rachel's womb. Not only had they reported, but they also predicted that the woman was pregnant three times.

During birth Aaron and Rachel were parents of 5 beautiful children. There was nothing hard at all and nothing bad has happened to them up till now.

see their recent pictures here, they are grown up and so cute now:

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