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Break These Habits Quickly If You're Dating and Still Attracted to Another

Dating is a time to start building commitment towards your relationship (that is if it is geared towards marriage). Though some may disagree, sometimes love partners get attracted to someone else they aren't dating. Other times, these people are the ones who rather show interest in them. 

Whichever way it is, this can go a long way to affect your relationship and break it apart. These people may be your friends, whether close friends or best friends. Sometimes they may even be strangers you're now getting to know. Whatever they are to you, they can bring your relationship to an abrupt end.

If your relationship is important to you, you need to put an end to some habits you may be entertaining or simply control the kind of relationship you have with such people. 

1. Saying "I love you" to them

Oh yes. You might think it nothing but never say that. Not even jokingly. In fact, no dating partner would like his girlfriend or boyfriend say that to anyone who isn't family. If you notice some sort of interest, whether from you or from him or her, never spit out these magic words and never let him or her tell you that either.

Saying I love you to anyone is nothing bad if it's all about friendliness or brotherliness. But in this case, it is neither of these two, and you can't be naive enough to say you don't know.

The more you say these words to each other, the more they begin to take root in the mind and before you realise, you've moved from imagination to reality. Your relationship will now be at loose ends and you'll be killing your partner softly.

2. Giving too much attention

Generally, if you're giving much attention to another person while dating, you are cheating. Contrary to popular belief, cheating is not about sexual intercourse only. Giving him or her more time than you give to your girlfriend or boyfriend is also cheating.

Too much attention gives birth to more communication and if this is happening, you need to control it quickly. The more you give him attention, the more communication between the two of you enriches and the more likely the two of you begin to show interest to one another and this is a dangerous threat to the relationship you have with your partner.

3. Having late night calls or chats

Ahem... These are the odd hours. So he or she never calls you till 10 or 11 pm? Always calling at that time when he could call during the day? Even doctors have spare time during the day to make or receive calls. Please, don't entertain this.

Perhaps you may have not realized, but it seems the night on its own is very romantic, and this romance can be very dangerous if dwelt upon. You know what is trying to happen, don't act naive and say she's just a friend or give excuses to justify why this happens. 

He or she is not just a friend so don't assume calling or receiving calls at such odd hours is ok. Sis, it is never ok. If he or she calls you at that time, shout "the devil is a liar" and end the call or simply don't pick it up. Doing this is necessary if you really want to keep your relationship.

4. Entertaining "certain things"

Don't make your voice sound sexy when speaking to him or her. No, it's not the time to do such practice with him or her. Try it rather on your partner.

Don't try acting in a funny way and be making some comments that only drive the mind towards some unusual feeling. There should be no room for sexually related jokes or romantic stories. If you're always telling him or her something like "I'm feeling cold, or I'm off to take my bath", hmm.... you're only sparking some wild fires. Some people can think far and deep. 

Don't raise romantic topics and say you just want to learn something from it. Please, there are books you can read. Always remember, this isn't just anybody you're talking with. You're talking to someone you know is interested in you, someone you also have some sort of attraction for. Most importantly, this is someone who can wreck your relationship if you let him or her.

Just don't do or entertain some behaviours any longer. What other habits do you need to stop? Break them quickly in order to sustain your relationship.

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