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8 Compliments That Would Make Her Heart Melt.

There are compliments that can make a happy woman and want to be with you more. It is no doubt that women love being complimented. But as a man, it is important to know what she likes about herself, and also things she wants to improve in herself. So that you can know the right source, you channel your comment than just beyond her beauty.

It is good as a man to compliment your woman's beauty. But there are sometimes she wants to hear something more than she is beautiful. As a man, you should learn to compliment her good doings, her honesty, this will make her more excited. Men here are compliments that would make her love you more.

1. I trust you completely.

Women love it when a man tells her he trusts her. Every woman loves this statement. This is one of the best words a woman wants to hear from her man. As a man, when you tell a woman you trust her. This could mean a lot to her. And she would be grateful and want to remain loyal to you.

2. I have learned a lot from you.

Every woman will appreciate hearing such from a man. She would be excited that you acknowledged that she was making an impact in your life. Women don't like it when it is only their beauty you acknowledged. When you acknowledged things you have learned from her. She would like to do more.

3. You are an amazing friend.

As a man, you should also understand that most times she doesn't want to be your partner alone. But she also wants to be your best friend. Someone who you can discuss things troubling you with. So when you compliment and acknowledge her as a good friend, this will make her heart melt. As a man, it is important you use this compliment when she has been supportive to you, no matter how little it can be.

4. You have made me a better man.

This is one of the best compliments every woman would be happy to hear from her man. As a man, when you compliment her for bringing the best in you and making you a better man. This will put a smile on her face and also melt her heart. Every woman wants to be supportive to her man, not just that but also bring out the best in him. So when you appreciate her effort in making you a better man, this can go a long way for her.

5. You look amazing as always.

6. I love talking to you.

7. You are my queen.

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