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The 15 To 20 Minutes In Bed Is Too Small - Lady Begs Ghanaian Men To Satisfy Them

Some female students of the KNUSTFORD University in East Legon Accra were asked why they would cheat on their boyfriends with their ex-boyfriends. KNUSTFORD University is known to be one of the schools in Ghana with rich students. The first student, Asantewaa said she would only do that if her current boyfriend is not good in bed. She said sexual intercourse should last at least an hour and 30 minutes or even three hours.

She added that she is a strong Ewe girl and can go like 5 hours in bed. He pleaded with the men that the 15 and 20 minutes is too small for them. Another lady, Thelma also added that she will only cheat with her ex if her boyfriend is not good in bed and does not pay as well. But between the two, she would choose good sex over money. She advised fellow ladies that if your boyfriend is not good in bed, run from him.

She said that although she enjoys good sex, long hours in bed is boring. Again, his boyfriend should be able to spend lots of money on her, like spending around 8,000 Ghana Cedis on her birthday. Vanessa on the other hand chose money above all others. She said money is everything so one cannot date a broke or stingy boyfriend. She advised men to work hard to get lots of money, else they cannot get a loyal girlfriend.

She detailed that in such situations the girl will find different means of getting money without informing the boyfriend, and that will be disloyalty. Lastly, Elizabeth said anything at all can make her cheat on her boyfriend with her ex. To her, cheating has become a normal thing and a part of our lives. So if another person other than her boyfriend gives her attention, she is likely to cheat.  

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