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How To Approach A Girl For The First Time And Seduce Her

Approaching a (often unknown) girl is the very first step in a successful dating game. Indeed, the equation is very simple: If you do not approach anyone, you will not seduce anyone. Approaching a girl is therefore a crucial step that the apprentice seducer must perfectly master, in order to move on to the next step (flirting on the phone) without much difficulty. So you guessed it, the main goal behind approaching a girl is to pick up her phone number to continue after her dating game in the most natural way. Obviously, some rather experienced seducers are fans of what is called in the jargon of seduction: the instant date.

The seducer approaches a girl and, instead of focusing his efforts on taking her number, he prefers to skip the steps if you mean to say, by immediately inviting her for a drink and, of course, ending the evening at his or her place. after. If you are a flirtatious apprentice, then don't complicate your life. Do not try to seduce the girls from the boarding, on the contrary, rather learn to take action. Because yes, guys often never manage to take the first step to approach a girl they like, and let them dream opportunities.

One of the factors that prevent the seducer from taking action is: the fear of rejection. The fear of the rake should in no case be an obstacle, because it is part of the rules of the game. It must be accepted. Bar point. If you approach a girl and she rejects you, then know that she rejects the stranger that you are and not your person. She knows absolutely nothing about you, so you can't whine like a little girl. In fact, getting rejected or eating rakes has to be some kind of exam that you have to pass, if you are to become a good seducer. The more girls you approach, the less likely you are to be rejected

Finally, we must distinguish that, Approaching a girl in the street is not at all the same thing as approaching a girl in a nightclub. Big difference.Do not forget it. Boarding is the very first step in your future games of seduction. If you do not master this step, your chances of seducing your future princesses will undoubtedly be poor.

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