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Husband and wife relationship

Betrayal Of Trust: My Wife Confessed To Me After Marriage That She Has A Child

When we form an emotional bond with another person within a sentimental relationship, we open our hearts and our trust. We share our secrets, our shames, our weaknesses and our dreams. In a word, we trust each other, completely. We always believe, and it is the correct and expected thing, that the other loves us in the same way.

At least with the same codes. How to distrust someone in whose hands we have placed our future? Betrayal is one of the most destructive actions in human relationships. It is a serious offense that violates the loyalty that another person expects of us. That is why a betrayal not only hurts but also offends and grieves.

I got married to my wife after dating for a year and a half and she felt the need to hide the fact that she has an 11 year old son, a son she had in high school. She told me the truth after she gave birth to our first child. She showed me her photos and said she wanted to break free. She could have told me the truth before we got married but she did not see the need to.

The boy lives with his father's parents and has never lived with her. In all the years that we've been together, I never saw the boy. She hid the fact that she was a mom from everyone, even me. I feel betrayed. If I had known she had a son, would he have made a difference? To be honest, I don't know, but it's hard to trust her because I don't know if there are any other secrets she is hiding. I left home temporarily to collect my thoughts. What should I do? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Please help me.

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