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Meet The African Tribe That Is Forbidden To Marry, And Only Walks With 2 Toes

Have you ever seen a human being with two toes before? You will find out in this post in details.

Bantwana, another name for the Vadoma people. There are only two-towed humans in this tribe located in Zimbabwe intertribal marriage is prohibited over there. That is to say they are not allowed to marry from their tribe .The "Ostrich-footed tribe" is another name for them.

Because members of their tribe cannot marry outside the tribe, the two-towed rule does not apply to people of other ethnicities. In the community, people with the condition aren't considered crippled at all because their toes make it easier for them to climb.

Because their disease is genetically passed down down the generations, they are prohibited from marrying outside of their tribe. They're unable to move quickly or wear shoes because of this. This tribe's members can only walk short distances to hunt for wildlife or gather food, but they manage it admirably.

They also believe that their distant were bird-like aliens who arrived from the stars and mated with early earth women to generate reincarnate their generation. Ancestors, according to the elders, first settled on a planet in our solar system called Liitolafisi after traveling from the Sirius star.

Vdoma tribe believe they inherited their two towed legs from their ancestors who lived before them. Funny fact about Vdoma tribe they are not allowed to marry in their tribe and they only associate with two towed people.

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