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Where are the Family of the Lady? Do They Have Funeral Money? - Netizens Talk.

Ghanaians are astonished about couples whose image surfaced on the internet. On a normal day, you wouldn’t see such an interesting combination with potential danger for one. Indeed, love is blind and it can make people go to the extreme in whatever pursuit.

The giant of a man who is over 6.3 feet tall picks a woman who is half his size. This is not entirely new. Tiny men want big women (like the case of Date Rush's Ali) and huge men, on the other hand, also easily find attraction in tiny women. But this degree of difference is surprising. It made others fear for the life of the lady.

Some went ahead to ask her the whereabouts of her family if they are aware of this situation. In fact, they should advise her before anything happens to the lady. However, some women and even men out there said the lady is in that relationship because that’s what she can manage.

Well, as for me, I still remain shocked for the lady and I will continue to pray for her all the time. Ghanaians also shared their opinion:

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