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How To Make A Lasting Impression On A First Date:Key Notes

Imagine going on 121 dates before stumbling upon the person you wanted to spend forever with,are you still wondering why your last few first dates didn’t lead to a second one? Or are you just preparing yourself to venture out and find your one true love through a first meeting, soon?

Well, whatever your current love-life status, you’ll find the answers right here. Let’s take a look at the most important don’ts avoiding which will surely make you pass your first-date with flying colors.

1. Be on time

Being punctual is mandatory, especially on first dates, because your date is as nervous (or more so) as you are and being even a few minutes late may give her/him the impression that you are not that interested at all.

2. Look good and don’t be messy

Dressing yourself properly and with care is extremely important, because your messy first-date outfit may give your date the feeling of ignorance on your part and portray a chaotic background in your life, and also, isn’t looking good a big part of making a great first impression anyway?

3.Be Positive and don’t complain or talk about negative things

Be it familial problems or financial difficulties in your life, refrain from broaching and brooding on such negative topics on the first date. Remember that this person may not know much about you at all and so has come here to get to know about you dreams, ambitions, hobbies, etc. and also, to tell you about himself/herself. Try and be positive!

4.Stay on topic and don’t speak about other people

Don’t speak about or focus on other people or off-hand topics like your friend’s sister’s boyfriend or Timbuktu’s weather: talk about yourselves, make plenty of eye-contact, smile and be attentive throughout, to give your date the chance to open up and get to know the real you.

5.Be very Polite

Not only should you not show rudeness towards your date, but you should be polite in general, throughout. Belittling the waiter/waitress, speaking rough, ignoring your date and having long conversations on the phone or smoking/drinking too much in his/her presence are the definite don’ts and will get you nowhere beyond that first date!

6.Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

Be yourself and act natural: do not lie or exaggerate to try and impress your date; have your own opinions and respect the other’s at the same time. You may seem unnatural to the other if you pretend to agree to everything the other says, and even if you get away with it the first time there’s no guarantee that such a pretentious relationship will survive in the long run!

7.Don’t be looking at your time

Hastening and looking at the time too many times gives your first date the impression that you just want to get the date over with (even if in reality you are just nervous and maybe, looking to calm your nerves). So, try and stay restful and patient and concentrate on enjoying their company.

Share your thoughts on how to make a lasting impression on a first date.

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