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5 Ways Girls Act When They Have Feelings For You

1. She will always want to be at your side: once you start noticing that a lady always wants to do something in the evening, you just know she has started having feelings for you because she has started to notice that you always make her feel happy. If you start noticing such things, you have a chance to ask her out because she's already fallen for you. 

2. She will buy you gifts: these days it's very hard to see a woman who buys her man gifts because women hardly bring money out there, they bring money only if they so much love you. Because once a lady has feelings for you, she would like to do everything possible to always see that you are happy. So you once started noticing that a lady had started acting this way towards you. You just know she has started having feelings for you. 

3. She will always express herself in front of you: once you start noticing that a lady feels free to you, she starts telling you things. Someone who loves you will never feel ashamed to cry in front of you. Just know she has feelings for you.

4. She will always want to know your whereabouts: once a lady can't stay comfortable once she hasn't seen you, or she doesn't know your where about. She just knows she has feelings for you because she always wants to be by your side, and she loves you, that's why . 

5. She will easily get jealous when other girls are around: once a lady loves you, she will never want to see any other lady around you. Once you are with another lady even tho your classmate or coworker she will get upset and jealous that's a sign that she loves you. 

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