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Text Messages Men Wish Their Wives Would Send Them.

Text message interaction becomes a technique to communicate your sentiments to the happy couple. There have been some signals which make these people experience loved and support. 

"You're looking great today."

Compliment them on their physical appearance.

"I had a good time with you yesterday."

Always tell your hubby how you feel and how enjoyable your time together was. It's just a method of showing how much you appreciate them.

"I consider myself fortunate to have you."

A sentence like this will make a man feel cherished.

"Would you please say a prayer for me, darling?"

This implies that you have faith in him and that you have created Godly ideals in your marriage.

"I adore you."

To a male, a three-word sentence implies a lot. It simply implies that you may do whatever you want for him.

"Thank you for calling."

There aren't many females who will enjoy their men's phone calls. It's merely a ploy to make them feel important.

"Are you okay, darling?"

This will convey that you are concerned about their well-being. It gives them a lovely sensation.

"You're a Good Man."

Pointing out a man's unique personality makes him feel extremely valued. Every man enjoys such things.

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